Vat Audit

A Qualified Team of VAT Auditors in Dubai, UAE

Every business works differently and has different requirements and goals. The finance department usually differs from company to company, that’s why here at Level, we make sure that each of our clients receives personalized and specialized assistance to reach their intended business goals. VAT audits take place regularly, and government officials can issue an audit at any time for your business. Level VAT agents can help you and your organization prepare for audits and have everything prepared when that day comes.

As one of the top auditing companies in Dubai, we offer a wide array of services catering to companies looking to outsource their VAT workload; Including:

  • Ensuring VAT compliance.
  • VAT application to cross-border transactions.
  • Services that maximize the process and application of VAT recovery rates.
  • VAT accounting and other related policies.
  • Implementation of correct VAT rates and sales classification in A/P processes.
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT obligations.

Why Choose Level for VAT Audit in Dubai, UAE?

In this saturated market, we want our services to stand out and our clients to be satisfied, regardless of the type of services we provide. Our expertise and passion give us an edge in this competitive market, thanks to our qualified VAT agents, accountants, tax consultants and auditors.


VAT audit services is one of the many financial solutions we provide, and our agents are always eager to assist you with any legal issues you might be facing. Our team of experts has profound knowledge and understanding of domestic and international tax laws and jurisdictions.


We know exactly how to prepare for VAT audits, and we can do it in the most professional and time-efficient manner. If you’re looking for knowledgeable professionals to helm your VAT efforts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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