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Making sure that the VAT is implemented properly is crucial for a business to run smoothly. Being able to analyze and resolve complex taxation issues is a major plus for any company, as it can reduce liabilities and improve profit margins. Knowing how the VAT concept works, and then properly implementing it, helps business owners and entrepreneurs offer fair prices for their commodities and services.

Nonetheless, VAT mechanisms can be fairly complex, and businesses should consult with trusted UAE VAT consultants to ensure proper implementation. Level.AE offers premium VAT consultancy services in Dubai, including Value Added Tax advisory and assistance with the implementation strategy. We’re on a mission to help clients maximize their tax recovery and make sure they comply with Government regulations.

Level Provides Top-Notch VAT Consultancy Services

Dubai is a very competitive market for businesses, and only those equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise will be able to overcome its challenges. Level.AE stands out from the competition by providing professional financial services that actually work.

Our skillful Value Add Tax consultants in Dubai are prepared to educate clients regarding the challenges they are facing, and to provide the best solutions for their specific business needs. Every client is different and requires a customized approach, and our ever-expanding clientele is a testament to our team’s ability to deliver effective tax solutions and strategies.

A Well-Versed Team of Professional Tax Consultants in Dubai

Level is regarded as one of the top VAT companies in the UAE, and that reputation is due to a tight-knit team of highly motivated financial experts who manage to blend passion with skill. Our licensed taxation specialists know the ins and outs of both domestic and international taxation laws and regulations. Their wealth of knowledge comes from extensive industry experience, eagerness to stay up to date with best practices and industry developments, and an outstanding work ethic.
Our team works alongside our clients to gain insight and understanding of their business and find the best taxation strategies for their needs. Transparency and a client-centered approach are two of the principles that stand at the core of our work, and we’re committed to pinpointing issues and finding timely solutions related to taxation.

Our Role

Working with VAT can be challenging without deeper insight into VAT laws and legislation. Our services are particularly tailored to SMEs, where we provide comprehensive VAT solutions so your business can avoid hefty penalties and not worry about VAT.

Our Services

By choosing us as your tax consultant, you get:

The chance to utilize the services of highly qualified and experienced tax professionals, more time to think about running your business without having to worry about VAT complexities, and more resources to run your business successfully.

What we do

  • We educate companies on VAT-related laws and regulations and on how VAT can affect their businesses.
  • We conduct on-job/off-job training of employees on how to administer and implement VAT.
  • Preparation and submission of periodic VAT returns.
  • Maintenance of records and providing said records to the FTA, when required.
  • Receiving notices from the FTA and responding to their observations.
  • Devising proactive strategies to safeguard margins, market shares and clientele.
  • Assisting in devising pricing policies to accommodate VAT.
  • Addressing the impact of VAT in ongoing and long-term contracts.
  • Budgeting and forecasting the impact of VAT on sales volume, revenues, costs, and profitability.
  • Assistance during tax audits and assessment proceedings. Furthermore, Level helps SMEs to ensure compliance with VAT laws, thus avoiding the possibility of incurring penalties. Level may act in an advisory capacity to ensure SMEs do not lose their competitive edge.

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