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The need to ensure proper implementation of VAT is essential for your business. Having the ability to resolve complicated taxation issues can be very advantageous in terms of maximizing your tax position, reducing your liabilities and improving your profit margins. Being familiar with the concepts of Value Added Tax can also help business owners provide a fair and better price for their commodities.

However, the implementation of the Value Added Tax is a complex process. To ensure that you are in the right direction, consulting with reliable UAE VAT consultants is much-needed and necessary. Level.AE is a reputable VAT consultancy firm that offers comprehensive taxation service to businesses, including Value Added Tax advisory and assistance with implementation strategy. Our mission is to help our clients create an effective strategy wherein they can maximize their tax recovery and ensure that they comply with the regulations set by the Government.

Our clients remain our foremost priority, which is why we take every step possible to achieve their satisfaction. We use our mastery of the core concepts of the Value Added Tax to enable our esteemed clients to demand a fair price for their products.

Highly Specialized Services Of VAT Consultancy In The UAE

The competitive market presents different sets of challenges to every business. Only those who have the ability to overcome these challenges get to survive. This is where we stand apart from our competition, as we provide our clients with services that actually work. Our proficient Value Added Tax consultants not only familiarize clients with what needs to be done to overcome current and upcoming challenges, they also analyze our clients’ requirements and come up with adequate solutions.

Every business is unique and faces a distinct set of tax issues and complexities. In order to have a clear understanding of the laws, regulations, and concepts surrounding VAT, our consultants walk the clients through the whole procedure and provide them with all the necessary information.

Despite the complicated nature of the VAT process, we ensure that your business stays in the right direction. As a reputable tax consultancy firm, we proudly present taxation and VAT services that matter most. By combining our versatile taxation services, our team strives to bring adequate solutions for your business. Our ever expanding clientele is a testament to our ability of delivering quality tax solutions and strategies to our esteemed clients.

A Well-Versed Team of VAT Consultants in Abu Dhabi

Considered among the leading VAT companies in UAE, Level.AE brings to you a team of highly motivated advisors who have the ability to mix passion with skill. Our team of professional and licensed taxation experts possesses profound knowledge and understanding of domestic and international taxation laws and jurisdictions. Their knowledge is backed by extensive industry experience and an outstanding work ethic.

Our experts collaborate and work closely with clients to fully understand their business and gain insight into their taxation concerns and needs. We boast of a client-centered approach and transparency that enables us to accurately identify our esteemed clients’ requirements and provide straightforward solutions in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will VAT be charged on and what will be the applicable rates?

The standard VAT rate is likely to be 5%. It will be charged on most goods and services from 01.01.2018.

However, to avoid a significant increase in the cost of living, it is intended for some goods and services to be exempted from VAT.

In addition, other goods and services will be subject to a reduced rate of taxation of currently 0%.

0% will apply to education-related services and on exports of goods and services.

  1. Which businesses will need to register for VAT?

Registration for VAT will be mandatory for businesses with annual revenues above AED 375,000. Such businesses will be required to register online using e-services. Those with annual revenues exceeding AED 187,500 may opt for VAT registration.

The same might hold true for businesses with even lower annual revenues - however, maybe only at a later stage. Upon registration, businesses will be issued a VAT registration number. This number will have to be mentioned on any tax invoice, along with the applicable VAT rate as well as the total amount of VAT charged.

It should be noted that upon implementation of VAT, businesses are well-advised to settle only those tax invoices that meet the legal requirements for invoicing, as it is presumed that businesses will only be entitled to VAT credit if they hold a valid tax invoice.

  1. Which sectors will be zero rated?

VAT will be charged at 0% when it comes to the following main categories of supplies:

  • Supply of certain education services, and supply of relevant goods and services; 
  • Supply of certain Healthcare services, and supply of relevant goods and services.
  • Exports of goods and services to outside the GCC;
  • Supplies of certain sea, air and land means of transportation (such as aircrafts and ships);
  • International transportation, and related supplies;
  • Newly constructed residential properties, that are supplied for the first time within 3 years of their construction;
  • Certain investment-grade precious metals (e.g. gold, silver, of 99% purity);

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