The Leading Experts for VAT Consultancy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Level’s VAT consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are fully qualified and trained to assist companies and organizations within UAE in understanding and adopting changes relevant to GCC’s new tax policy.

Our multinational team of VAT training specialists have profound knowledge and understanding of local and international tax environments. Backed by extensive industry experience, we provide targeted solutions for various businesses in line with their objectives, requirements, and challenges.

Equip your organization and people with the right know-how and methodologies for effectively managing tax – consult with Level, one of the leading VAT consultancy companies in UAE and the Middle East.

In focus: VAT in UAE and the GCC region

At Level, we leverage our field expertise to form proactive solutions that empower clients to resolve and manage their tax obligations and risks. Our consultants identify areas subject to change, and formulate a viable strategy for clients to comply with all VAT requirements on time, while minimizing costs and errors, streamlining procedures, and optimizing cash flow.

Level offers consultancy and auditing assistance to profit and non-profit organizations, allowing them to rationalize foreign VAT policies and meet fiscal requirements particularly in accountancy. Our specialists also provide VAT registration guidance and staff training.

The best VAT consulting company in UAE

Our VAT consultancy covers the following key financial processes:

  • Application of VAT to cross-border transactions
  • Maximizing the process and application of VAT recovery rates
  • VAT accounting and related policies (e.g., VAT groups and reverse charge)
  • Review of A/P process according to industry best practices
  • Review of A/R process, including implementation of correct VAT rates and sales classification
  • VAT-related policies (e.g., VAT groups and reverse charge)
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT obligations
Get comprehensive and realistic insights on tax and its implications on your business and industry from the leading VAT consultancy company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE. Speak to one of Level’s tax specialists through phone (+971 2 671 00 33) or email ( or send your inquiry using our Contact Form.

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