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Audit & Accounting Services

Maintaining Proper Company books of accounts will provide additional assurance to  you about your business performance, business status and the utilization of the investments made in the business. Level also received an award for “Excellence in Finance” from a reputed global finance body.

Level can provide you with factual data regarding your business through developing and analyzing your company’s financial statements and other operational data.

Level with its team of qualified Chartered Accountants can provide you with unmatched advantages as follows:

  • You can attain remarkable growth and sustainability for your firm rapidly and efficiently by outsourcing your accounting services.
  • You won’t lose any new business opportunities due to being burdened with the accounting works.
  • You don’t have to pay insufferable overheads; you can just pay for the actual work you need.
  • Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services covers the risk of employee turnover.
  • Improve your work efficiency and receive a quality-oriented service.
  • Enable yourself to provide your clients with more time and better quality of services.
  • Outsourced work can be easily be customized to your requirements and business structure.
  • Analysis of data at a such a quality standard can lead to cost efficiency and higher profitability.

Businesses having access to timely and real time financial data have a higher rate of success. To make our clients successful in accomplishing their business goals, we always provide them with all types of accurate financial and nonfinancial information on a pre-determined timeline agreed with the client.

Our team is always flexible in providing the required services to our clients as per their requirements. This means you get the benefit of a professional in your own office premise, without hiring someone full time. In fact, you can concentrate on what’s most important to you – the achievements of your business aims & goals.

We at Level have broken down the accounting service into
six sections as below:

Accounting Software

We not only provide services in accounting also help SME’s to implement cost effective accounting software. We assess the client needs and recommend a list of software which best suits the business. With that said we are also partners with a cloud-based accounting software named as “Xero” which is easily customizable according to a SME requirement. Our team is also equipped with trainings on various of the shelf ERP’s and standalone systems that they can work on or update any accounting software that is existing being used in accordance with client objectives.

Book-keeping & Reports

We at Level have incorporated 2 types of working patterns. The work can be done off site or on site depending on client requirements. No matter which approach the client takes we will be providing the following as a part of the service:

  • Balance sheet (statement of financial position),
  • Profit and loss account (statement of comprehensive income),
  • Cash flow statements,
  • Receivables ageing list,
  • Payables ageing list,
  • Comparative report on sales performance,
  • Comparative report on expenses etc.
  • Variance/ratio analysis
Off Site work can be sent to our team through various platforms. You can send us your records via a cloud-based facility such as One Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, E-mail or we can arrange collection from your office.

For On-Site working we have the following 2 services:

Weekly Visit

Our team members will be visiting your office on a weekly basis and update/post transactions. This will cover entries of all purchases, sales, receipts, payments and other business transactions including posting of transactions on accrual basis when applicable. The accounting system/ERP generated reports will be generated and discussed then with the management by the setup of a meeting with senior team members. Monthly reports will be prepared and issued to the management at the end of every month or first week on next month.

Monthly Visit

If the number of business transactions in the company is comparatively less, monthly one or two visits will be enough to complete updating of books of account. Our representative will be visiting the clients’ office at the end of every month/beginning of the next month or as pre-decided and update the transactions. This will cover entries of all purchases, sales, receipts, payments and other business transactions including posting of transactions on accrual basis when applicable. The accounting system/ERP generated reports will be generated and discussed then with the management by the setup of a meeting with senior team members. Monthly reports will be prepared and issued to the management at the end of every month or first week on next month.

Managerial Accounting

Our Professionals are highly skilled in developing Reports for management based on the actual financial and non-financial information. We prepare management reports to provide business stakeholders with an accurate standing of how the business is operating. Management reports help Senior Management in making strategic business decisions and enable them to focus on developing better business development strategies to generate more revenue and in turn increase profitability. A management report is an important business document as it displays the important factors that drive business operations. Utilizing this tool, our team will help you identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and other useful ratios depending on the nature of your business and the industry  your business is in. We prepare profit & loss actuals and budget comparison, summarized and detailed reports based on KPIs and other performance rations, revenue projections, variance analysis, cash forecasts, budgeting, as well as planning and internal control mechanisms.

Payroll Accounting Service

Whether you are a SME or a large multinational company, making sure that your payroll function is efficient and follows local laws & policies is necessary. Level offers complete payroll services on monthly basis at a reasonable price to our clients as compared to the cost they incur in maintaining a full-time in-house payroll processing department. We use the latest payroll software to ensure that our processes are accurate, reliable and efficient. You can save the cost of running your in-house payroll function by outsourcing to Level.

Cashflow management Services

Cash flow is the active and deliberate monitoring of funds going in and out of your business and is inevitable to gauge your business growth level. Level Team is highly competent in Planning and projecting company’s Cash Flows to let the management know their potential to meet their upcoming obligation and the net fund available for expansion. Our cashflow management service provides you to

  • Know when, where, and how your cash needs are required or received.
  • Know what the best allocation of fund for your additional cash needs.
  • Be prepared to fulfil unexpected requirements and plan for tax, by maintaining relationships with bankers and other creditors.
  • Creating an accurate cash flow projection.
  • Cash collection acceleration techniques.
  • Proven effective collection policies.
  • Proven effective payment policies.
  • Help obtaining the maximum rate of return on your idle cash.
  • Proper cash flow management helps put you on the driver’s seat and eliminates the surprise factor when running your business.
  • We can help you set up a well-tailored cash flow plan for based on your business need.

Inventory Management

Whether you’re running a general trading, an e-commerce site, a supermarket, or a logistics company, an inventory management system is essential for your business. It will give you insights into every aspect of your products, identify fast moving items, slow moving items and obsolete items.

Effective inventory management is all about knowing what items you have, where it’s stocked, what is the quantity levels and how much you’ll need before reaching re-order level. That’s where Level assists and incorporates an effective strategy.

Procurement and supply chain continue to witness an exponential change in recent times. To help you keep up with the changes and becoming a market leader, here are some of the best practices

  • Align inventory as per fast moving or slow-moving items.
  • Improve inventory by reducing the obsolete items and re-ordering them when required.
  • Decrease extra storage costs and handling requirements.
  • Eliminating risk of stock-outs.
  • By better inventory management you can improve customer service levels.
  • Strategic placement of stock to reduce transportation cost and timely deliveries.

Level Team professionals help you optimize and manage all the components of your inventory operations, including cycle stock, safety stock, pipeline and pre-build inventory to drive more efficiency across the value chain.

Our team of professional will help you plan your inventory better so that you have accurate inventory, at real time, at the right place. We work with you to improve inventory cost accounting, streamline credit management, and enhance cash flow to free up valuable investments that are held up in inventory.


Will the owners lose control of the business by outsourcing the finance department?

You always maintain 100% control of your decision. All we do is to provide with the refined data & figures and also you advise on your request. You will in turn gain more control as you are now you will have access to information on a timely basis to make more accurate decisions.

Who will be handling my account?

You will have a relationship manager assigned to your account. This person will understand your business & work on your account with his team.

All our reports are reviewed by a Manager who is a qualified Chartered Accountants with extensive experience to ensure quality & consistency.

When you appoint us, you don’t hire an individual, but a team that enables you to have access to a resources with different levels of experience & expertise.

Does business size matter (too big or too small) for outsourced accounting?

All businesses from a sole proprietor to a large organization can benefit from outsourcing their accounting/finance.

Where will the work be done?

We are very flexible. Our consultants can either come to your office or we can have your documents collected and work from our premises. This is a choice of the organization and we will assist you to decide the best for your business.

Which Accounting Software do you recommend?

We recommend a software based on the nature of your business & your reporting needs.
Some of the software our team has experience & can assist with are
Xero (We are Xero Certified)
Microsoft Dynamics
Visual Dolphin
Some of our clients have ERP systems & we work with on the accounting modules of the customized ERP. All we request is for our staff to be provided the training on that ERP.

How do we charge for our services?

Our fees are based on an hourly rate based on the volume and the complexity of the task as well as the experience level of the staff that is assigned to the project. We provide great value for money. We determine the scope of our services and establish a fixed monthly amount which is agreed upon before commencing the work.
For a quote for your business please feel free to contact us.