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Hire a Level Tax Agent in Dubai, UAE

A tax agent is a person registered with the Federal Tax Authority, who is appointed on behalf of another individual to represent them before the FTA. Tax agents assist people in the fulfillment of their
tax obligations, as well as help them exercise their associated tax rights. There are certain minimum requirement. Luckily at Level, we have more than enough registered tax agents to help you and your
organization overcome any hurdles.
According to the FTA, a person may appoint a tax agent to act in their name and on their behalf when it comes to their tax affairs, without prejudice to that person’s responsibility before the authority.
Working on your behalf, tax agents are responsible for supplying all your records, information, documents, and financial data to the FTA. Level tax agents will guarantee that all your tax affairs are in
order and ready for FTA validation, if you decide to work with us.

Why Choose Level for Tax Services in the UAE?

The services we provide to our customers are flexible and cost-effective. With a team of tax agents and qualified tax professionals, Level is ready to represent you and provide you with the best possible tax solutions at a very competitive rate.

The services that our tax agents provide:


  • VAT registration, VAT person registration, VAT group registration;
  • Preparing, submitting, and filing VAT returns on your behalf;
  • Maintaining all financial records related to tax transactions;
  • Liaising with the FTA on your tax-related matters;
  • Representing you in front of the FTA, per request;
  • Facilitating and assisting the FTA on your behalf when tax audits or inspections are conducted;
  • Arranging and preparing all the required documents during an audit;
  • Submitting requests for reconsideration;
  • VAT voluntary disclosure submissions;
  • Helping you with the deregistration process.

In this competitive and evolving marketplace, we want our clients to prosper, regardless of which particular legal services we’re providing for them. Our tax agents possess a wealth of experience and have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations of the UAE to facilitate you with premium services.

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