Tax Residency Certificate

Obtain Your Tax Residency Certificate With Level

A tax residency certificate, also known as a tax domicile certificate, is issued by the FTA to avoid potential double taxation. In layman’s terms, it ensures that you won’t be paying taxes in two different countries. The certificate is issued to both individuals and companies, and is valid for one year. Apart from double taxation prevention, a tax residency certificate also proves that the applicant is a resident of the UAE. Moreover, it eases cross-border trade and investments, as well as encourages economic diversification.
The documents required for an individual tax residency certificate include a copy of your passport and ID, residential lease agreement, salary certificate, and possibly other documents. For businesses, you’ll have to prepare multiple documents, including a copy of your trade license, your company’s paperwork, and bank statements. It gets slightly complicated for businesses, but our team has got you covered. At Level, we can take care of everything when it comes to obtaining a tax residency certificate in Dubai for you

Why Choose Level?

It’s enough to have the responsibility of running and maintaining a business; you don’t need the extra stress to learn all the specific requirements when it comes to filing for a tax residency certificate. Even if you do manage it by yourself, mistakes and errors are bound to happen, and we know those experiences are not pleasant. That’s why delegating tax-related tasks to Level agents is one of your best options. While you’re busy running your organization, we’ll make sure everything is in proper order with your UAE tax residency request.
We have an extensive background working in the Dubai market, which ensures you’ll be getting the best services possible. Level tax agents possess a vast amount of industry knowledge, including knowledge of all the laws and regulations of the UAE government, and can facilitate any tax-related services you might require. We offer personalized solutions that fit each client’s individual business needs, and we work with them closely on tax issues, including obtaining a taxpayer residence certificate, business tax certificate, and more.

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