Vat Deregistration

Planning to File for VAT Deregistration?

The need to cancel a VAT registration can happen at the end of the lifecycle of a business. VAT deregistration in the UAE is approved by the Federal Tax Authority only if the termination reasons are valid, and all the conditions for deregistration required by law are fulfilled. Organizations can also deregister from VAT if their turnover during the first initial 12 months of registration did not exceed AED 187,000. Moreover, a company can deregister if it ceases to produce taxable supplies.

Deregister for VAT in UAE with Level Experts

VAT deregistration in Dubai and the entire UAE can be done in multiple ways, including through an online FTA portal. If you want to deregister your business from VAT, you need to have your paperwork in proper order, as well as obtain a liquidation letter from government authorities. Level VAT consultants can guide you through the entire process of VAT deregistration, offering you the necessary information you’ll need to finalize the endeavor. Whether you’re withdrawing from paying taxes voluntarily, or mandatorily, we can ease the process for you significantly by either guiding you, or handling it on your behalf.

  • Voluntarily VAT deregistration: A business can opt for voluntary VAT deregistration in Dubai if 12 months have passed from the initial tax registration, the turnover is below AED 187,000, or if it plans to cease its operations.
  • Mandatory VAT deregistration: : A mandatory VAT deregistration happens if it’s ordered by the government, if the company’s revenue is below AED 375,000, or if the company stops supplying taxable goods.

Why Choose Level for VAT Deregistration in Dubai, UAE?

We maximize opportunities for our clients whilst protecting their interests. Our highly trained and qualified accountants, auditors, and tax consultants possess a wealth of experience in their respective fields and hold extensive familiarity with the laws and regulations of the UAE. In a competitive marketplace that is constantly evolving, we want our clients to prosper, regardless of which particular legal services we’re providing for them. VAT deregistration is one of the solutions we provide, and our agents are always eager to assist you with any legal issue you might be facing.

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