What we do

Level provides expert tax consulting services in a very tailored way, allowing us to deliver a measurable business impact for our clients. By approaching innovative solutions and using our extensive knowledge we have the ability to add significant value to the business of our clients.

Level is a Middle East tax consulting firm and our main purpose is helping individuals thrive, every day. It is, fundamentally, why we have a presence as a firm, and it applies as much to our customers that we serve, as it does to our employees.

Level was founded as a need for the local market and our goal is to prepare and help companies manage their tax business in the new economic landscape.  We started as a tax consulting company, but our aim is to become the biggest service provider within the region.

The quality of our services results from our knowledge of international and local legislation, market conditions and experience we have gained in international tax, audit and advisory companies. In the process of solving issues of international nature, we use our company resources and our cooperating offices within the worldwide network, so in this way we can offer to our clients the best end to end solutions on the market.

We often work with external advisors to ensure that our input as tax advisors and accountants is timely and appropriate to the client’s particular circumstances. Our professionals are able to provide you with guidance and solutions to a wide range of tax and business issues.

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