VAT Registration and Compliance

Overcoming the needs to understand the VAT legislation is above all, a complex and time consuming activity for business owners. It is crucial for local and international businesses to make certain that compliant VAT registrations and returns are in place when trading locally and cross border.

At Level, we are experienced and capable at managing those complexities. Our customers understand that we vigorously monitor the impact of VAT legislation changes on their business planning needs.

For us, the tax return process as a monthly, quarterly or annual time event is not a critical situation, but rather, an opportunity for Level tax specialists, to assist you in managing your tax planning goals.

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In order to comply with local VAT compliance obligations, you will need to:

  • Ensure sales invoices comply with local guidelines
  • Report sales and purchases on your VAT return with appropriate local VAT treatment
  • Liaise with the local tax authority in response to questions regarding your ongoing business activity
  • Make payments to local country tax authorities where VAT is due
  • Have local bank accounts to make/receive payments in countries where a local account is required.

We can help you with a varied range of VAT compliance services, such as:

  • VAT registration services both for local and foreign entities
  • VAT compliance services (preparing and submitting periodical VAT returns)
  • Reviewing returns prepared by in-house tax personnel or outside preparer
  • Assistance during VAT audits
  • Assistance in drafting appeal letters
  • Assistance in requesting interest for late VAT refunds
  • Representing your business in front of tax inspectors


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