What are the Responsibilities of a Tax Agent in the UAE?

What are the Responsibilities of a Tax Agent in the UAE?

Doing taxes is probably not one of the most exciting activities we can think of when it comes to running our business. Our primary focus is constantly working on bettering our services and products, and when it comes to taxes, we rarely have the time or energy left to deal with them.


Even if we do manage to squeeze in the necessary time to work on our taxes, we’re prone to making mistakes, due to not possessing enough knowledge and not knowing certain tactics to do them without error. This is where tax agents come in.

Why should you hire a UAE tax agent?

A professional tax agent in the UAE is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to tackle every tax affair of your company. This leaves you plenty of time to focus on your business, clients and employees, or other important duties that need immediate attention. A Level UAE tax agent knows the ins and outs of the industry and everything that comes with managing taxes to be in compliance with Dubai’s tax procedures and obligations.


Tax consultancy firms deliver top-of-the-line taxation services so you can run your business and trust the professionals to handle tedious tax work. Regardless of the complex taxations services you require, Level agents are more than equipped to handle any situation. Plus, agents also provide extensive details on their work, so you have a clear understanding of your tax obligations and what steps can be taken for you to optimize your tax position to further improve your business.


UAE tax agents are also in direct communication with the authorities, as they are FTA (Free Trade Agreement) approved individuals. They can contact and communicate with authorities on your behalf and mend errors—or overcome them.

What are the specific responsibilities of a tax agent?

  1. They help you and your business save time and money

Right off the bat, hiring a tax agent will save you loads of time, time that you can invest in growing and improving your business, as opposed to spending countless hours figuring out how taxes work. Your company will also save money, as tax agents apply the most beneficial tactics to provide opportunities and figure out loopholes in various areas of your business in order for you to save money or cut unnecessary costs. From VAT registration to VAT planning and advisory and everything in between, UAE tax agents apply their expertise, knowledge and dedication to your advantage.

  1.  Tax agents assist you in tax implementation and registration

Tax agents in Dubai and in the UAE help your company with tax implementation, as well as tax registration. New Dubai companies that are scheduled for VAT registration can lack the

necessary knowledge and experience on how to implement VAT effectively in their operations.

By understanding both your business and the nature of your transactions, not to mention the entire legal structure, tax agents get an upper hand when it comes to VAT registration. 

  1. Agents file your returns accurately and in a timely manner

VAT return filing has to be done regularly. Tax agents not only can do it in a timely manner, but with great accuracy. This saves you the trouble of attracting penalties from the Federal Tax Authority. Professional tax agents will assist you in filing these documents periodically and accurately.

  1. Tax agents can become long-term advisors

In time, tax agents can give you valuable advice and insights for your business to evolve. Guidance and support are key elements, especially with business transactions or mergers. Level tax agents can update you on various changes that might affect your firm, including tax-related changes, tax-law adjustments, or even major government policy changes.


A seasoned tax advisor on your team to handle your taxes and demanding challenges can be a game-changer. Finding proper tax consultants is hard, but professionals at are more than ready to tackle any difficulties or requirements your company might have. Our expertise and knowledge, coupled with our understanding of customer needs can make us a valuable asset on your team.